Jesa Henneberry is a health and wellness-oriented, private chef  specializing in sports nutrition, Vegan, Paleo, Ketogenic and allergen-free diets to support active lifestyles--offering creative healthy perspective to a variety of cuisines and products. She also offers customized healthy meal and nutrition programs to individual clients, that include delicious desserts that are actually good for you!



Jesa’s work as a  freelance  private chef and consultant has taken her into the kitchens of  many bold-faced names, has her  creating the menus for major social events and producing and modifying food for clients who are focused on eating in a healthful but delicious and sophisticated manner.  Applying  very different food disciplines, Jesa is an expert in the Paleo diet and also vegan cuisine, as a chef she manages to combine the two harmoniously.  Every plate created by Jesa is stylish as well as healthful.  Having come from a career in the fashion world after her graduation from Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, Jesa later graduated from the  Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts, also in New York.

Trained in fundamental, basic cooking techniques combined with a deep understanding and expertise on whole food dynamics, including progressive, traditional  and alternative dietary approaches and sports nutrition, Jesa creates gorgeous, mouthwatering meals that will promote health, weight-loss, and caters to people with specific food allergies who don’t want to sacrifice flavorful and adventurous meals. 

Jesa’s meals are in much demand because they are so appetizing , employing fresh and seasonal ingredients while combining them all in an artful and inspired way.  Her creative menu planning offers so many diverse choices.  No matter what you want to eat, have to avoid, need to eat, or simply need an alternative, Jesa Henneberry is a go-to chef and healthy eating expert.

Jesa, a Wisconsin native, currently lives in north New Jersey, where her well-stocked test kitchen is located.  Her culinary talents have been covered in the media internationally. She is also an award winning, competitive figure athlete.  For more information on Jesa Henneberry or for booking information for her services, please click here.

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